Be Aware of Fake Top SEO Lists

As someone who works in the SEO profession, I find that It is very important to keep up on the latest happenings in the search engine optimization industry. As such, I generally begin each day by doing a review of any articles about SEO, Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing in the news, as well as browsing a few popular forums for interesting tidbits.

I recently noticed a large number of press releases coming in via my Google Alerts making me aware that this company or that company had been named the #3 or #4 on the topseo list by and it was published in the International Business Times. Since I had never heard of the topseos or the International Business Times I looked them up and signed up for I have to say, it seemed like a good, free link and listing for my site. It is relevant and on topic.

Shortly after I signed up however, I became aware of the scam that they were pulling. I received an email from mentioning that my company had been pre qualified for their list of Top SEOs even though they knew little to nothing about us. If I were to pay $5,000 I could be listed as the #1 site  on their list. For $3,000 my site could be #2, and for a measly $2,000 we could be listed #3 or below .

It did not specify any other requirements. What a bunch of baloney! This list of so called Top SEOs has nothing to do with how good of a job a company does at SEO for their clients. The rankings simply came down to how much you were willing to pay. What is more of a concern is that they make it look legit by attaching it to a newspaper that also is probably a sham.

Take my advice, if you are looking for an SEO company, don’t base your decision off any list unless it is from a relevant source that you know to be legit. You are better off asking for references from existing clients, looking up the firm in the BBB and asking questions related to the SEO of your site. If all of the above meet your requirements then you are probably in good hands. If someone is merely paying $5,000 to be included in a list, I am not so sure that is the case.

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