Not Surprising that Yahoo Share of Search Market Continues to Drop

A month after falling behind Bing to become the number three search engine in the U.S. market, Yahoo’s market share has dropped once again, and in my opinion this was so predictable. The only thing that surprises me is that it did not happen sooner.

According to Comscore, the market share for the top five search engines in January 2012 were as follows:

Google – 66.2% (65.9% in December 2011)
Bing – 15.2%(15.1 percent )
Yahoo 14.1% (14.5% in December 2011)
Ask 3% (2.9% in December 2011)
AOL –  1.6% (same as last month)

The reason I suggest Yahoo’s loss of market share does not surprise me is that back in mid 2010 Yahoo stopped providing its own organic search results and switched to using Bing’s results. Let me point out that Yahoo did not technically use their “own” results to begin with. They actually used a company called Inktomi, but the difference was the Inktomi did not provide direct search results and was not a direct competitor. Bing is as direct of a competitor as you will ever see.

While the average person may not have been aware of this at the time (it was more relevent to search engine optimization experts), it is something that over time has proven to have an effect on the way people perceive the two sites. “If Yahoo is using Bing, then Bing must be better.” After all, why would you go to a third party source for something that you can get first hand. Apparently the geniuses at Yahoo did not see it that way, and as a result they have gone from once being possibly the biggest name on the Internet to slowly becoming insignificant.

Unless Yahoo does something drastic, I would expect to see their share continue to go down in the coming months and at some point I expect to see them down there with Ask and AOL (also at one time an important component in search).

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